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Why UP NOW Costa Blanca?

Torben Thoger & Natalia Hansson, founders of UP NOW Costa Blanca

Hi, I am Torben and I am Natalia. We are the founders of UP NOW Costa Blanca.

We both love the media business but were fed up with the average or low results businesses were getting from their promotions.

So we created a unique way of fixing that.

UP NOW Costa Blanca is the only media channel on Costa Blanca that enables you to connect with the international communities without being “salesy”.

People don’t like being sold. But people love buying. Just look at the shopping centers any given day and tell us that people don’t like shopping. 🙂


People want to buy from someone they know, trust and like. So how do you get your potential clients to know, trust and like you? With a newspaper ad? With a radio commercial? With a promotional film? These might get the potential client to know you, but they won’t get them to TRUST and LIKE you. Why? Because they are perceived for what they are, an advertisement. The best way to connect with people, to get them to know, like and trust you, is by telling them a story. Your story. People love listening to stories. People like watching films, but they don’t like watching commercials. We produce documentary style films that tell your story. The saying goes that “a picture can speak 1000 words”.  Well, a film is made of pictures. A lot of pictures…

We broadcast your film with your story on our local English and Scandinavian TV channel. We also broadcast it on our web TV and social media.

The younger generation prefers to watch videos online. The 50 plus prefer traditional TV. So… we have the solutions to meet all these needs. This will enable you to reach as many prospects interested in your business as possible. To your success! Natalia & Torben

PS: Have a look at our newest project: “Costa Blanca – the place to live and visit” series, where we tell stories of Costa Blanca towns and businesses!

Don’t just take our word for it

Here is what clients are saying

“We were contacted by the Embassy, we had 30 guests sent over from India thanks to Torben’s film. They travelled 150 km to be with us… Just that weekend paid for the cost of the film….”

Watch 1 min video here

Danny Hughes

Owner, Sarita Indian Restaurant - Albir

“Having this film made allowed my business to reach more international clients and reach out to different areas on the Costa Blanca. I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to attract both residents here and tourists…”

Ingo Fries

Owner, Alahama Eco Tienda Organic Shop - Altea la Vella


Get in touch today – We’d love to hear from you

Torben Thoger

Torben Thoger

Partner, Filmmaker & Composer

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 687 333 967

Torben Thoger is a Danish filmmaker, composer, songwriter, recording artist and music producer. Torben has been living in the area of Altea on the Costa Blanca in Spain since 2008.

Filmmaking is a major part of his working life. He creates and produces documentaries, music videos, commercials and corporate films. Torben has developed his own unique documentary style of presentation films for businesses.

Torben also creates original music in various genres for film, television, musicals and multimedia. He has released several CD albums with both instrumental music and songs. Some of his CD’ has been on top of the charts in the United States.

He is the CEO of Torben Thoger Production. His clients include Danish television DR, Education Minister of Denmark, TDC, Cadbury plc, LVMH Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton S.A. and Solgården AS.

Torben is the founder of TVA10, a Scandinavian Info Channel that has developed into the UP NOW Costa Blanca Channel.

Torben Thoger full bio


Natalia Hansson

Natalia Hansson

Former Partner & Presenter

Email: [email protected]

Natalia Przybylska-Hansson is an entrepreneur, writer, online publisher and coach.

Natalia is the founder of – holistic health conscious news website.

She also has a newsletter called “Soul food” with thousands of subscribers.

Her background includes the media industry where she managed productions of special country reports. These documentary style reports aired on CNBC and FOX.

In this position, she interviewed presidents, prime ministers and other members of the government. Other persons interviewed were the CEO’s of the top 100 corporations in the country featured.