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Here is what some participants say:

Costa Blanca

– The Place to Live & Visit

TV Documentary Series


At UP NOW Costa Blanca we always strive to provide great value to our viewers and clients. We came up with a novel concept that allows us to tell a story of the Costa Blanca towns through the people that live and work here.

We created a series called: “Costa Blanca – the place to live and visit” where you can see and hear stories of people who chose the Costa Blanca to be their home.

By making this documentary series we help to promote the Costa Blanca towns and businesses to the International Community living and interested in the area.

Here is what one of our participants recently posted on Facebook after she got a new client from being in the Javea film.

Javea TV Documentary testimonial

These documentaries are aired on International, Local TV Channels reaching over 50.000 International residents and visitors and the worldwide audience via online channels.

We have already premiered 12 films since June, 2016. You can watch the films below.

Now we are enrolling businesses to participate in the 14th and 15th film in the series.

Number 14th is our first project in the Costa Blanca South, on Ciudad Quesada and surrounding areas.

Number 15th is our first project outside of the Costa Blanca North, on Gandia.

If you know or have a businesses that would like to be featured contact:
Natalia Hansson at: 638 258 412 or [email protected]


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