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UP NOW Costa Blanca is the only media channel on Costa Blanca that enables you to connect with the International Communities without being “salesy”


People don’t like being sold. But people love buying. Just look at the shopping centers any given day and tell us that people don’t like shopping.

People want to buy from someone they know, trust and like. So how do you get your potential clients to know, trust and like you?

With a newspaper ad? With a radio commercial? With a promotional film? These might get the potential client to know you, but they won’t get them to TRUST and LIKE you.


Because they are perceived for what they are, an advertisement.

The best way to connect with people, to get them to know, like and trust you, is by telling them a story. Your story.  People love listening to stories.

People like watching films, but they don’t like watching commercials. We produce documentary style films that tell your story.

In fact, Up NOW Costa Blanca is the only film production company that connects your business with the international audience through story telling with documentary films. 

The saying goes that “a picture can speak 1000 words”. Well, a film is made of pictures. A lot of pictures…

We broadcast your film with your story on our local English and Scandinavian TV channel. We also broadcast it on our web TV and social media.

The younger generation prefers to watch videos online. The 50 plus prefer traditional TV.

So… we have the solutions to meet all these needs. This will enable you to reach as many prospects interested in your business as possible.

PS: Have a look at our newest project: “Costa Blanca – the place to live and visit” series, where we tell stories of Costa Blanca towns and businesses! BELOW PRICES DO NOT APPLY TO PARTICIPATION IN THE SERIES. If you would like to be featured in the series contact Natalia at: [email protected]

Pricing Examples Documentary Style Films

*All Prices are EXCLUSIVE of 21% IVA and include 12 months feature on TV Channels, Web TV and YouTube Channel where applicable.