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UP NOW Costa Blanca is in the process of making a fantastic TV documentary about Albir. The purpose of the documentary is to promote the “town” as THE place to live and visit to the International Community living and interested in the area.

The documentary will be aired on International, Local TV Channels reaching over 20.000 International residents and visitors.

UP NOW Costa Blanca will also promote the film to the hundreds of thousands of International viewers interested in the Costa Blanca via online channels.




To show how Albir is THE place to live for foreigners who appreciate comfortable life. To feature:


  • Albir as a very Cosmopolitan place where foreigners do live in Spain yet feel very much at home, they can find all services
    (medical, legal, etc.…) in their own language.
  • No need for a car to get around, easy to move around.
  • The beach & promenade, shopping, medical, legal facilities, restaurants, bars, leisure & sports facilities, entertainment is all available at the walking distance.
  • Proximity of the airport, convenience to come and go to Albir


FEATURE: 20 businesses & attractions
(Closing date for enrollment – May 15th 2016)

FILMING DATE: End of May 2016

AIRING: June 2016

AIRING ON: Local International TV & Online Channels

Would You Like Your Business or Attraction To Be Featured In The TV Documentary?


1. Your spot consisting of a mini interview with our presenter where we show & mention the highlights of your business.

2. Your spot will be appropriately weaved into the content of the documentary, featuring your name and the name of your business.

3. Your name, the name of your business, your website will be featured in the credits of the documentary.

4. Your name, the name of your business, short description, map & your website will be featured on the SEO optimized page of our website.

5. Your business will leverage on the film being shown to:

• Over 20 000 International residents and visitors of the Costa Blanca

100s of thousands of International Costa Blanca residents and visitors as well as Internationals interested in the region, via online channels

• The film will be hosted on our Authority You Tube Channel with over 200 000 visitors and growing

• The film will be promoted via our cooperation network (For example: SI, Spania I Dag, a Norwegian newspaper with over 12.000 weekly copies)

Natalia Hansson
Sales Director / Partner
UP NOW Costa Blanca

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Office: 966 888 968
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