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Last year the medieval market of Villajoyosa was an unexpected success, attracting lots of people to look at (and buy) a large variety of good quality crafts. Quite enough reason for the Town Hall to repeat the event with the same organizer, craft association Amata.

Once again you get the chance to buy directly from the person who made the object and you can even have something specially made to order if you don’t find quite what you are looking for. All participants bring their tools along and can give a personal touch or can adapt the chosen item to suit your particular requirement, for example painting a special design or engraving a name on the chosen piece.

Quite a few people will be working in their stall so that you can see how much skill, patience and love goes into making just one single object.

Every stall offers “piezas únicas” (one-off designs) for prices well below those charged in the galleries. Joan makes lovely wooden toys and puzzles, Mikel makes colourful shoes and sandals for kids and adults and José Luis creates lamps that look like giant insects.
The potter Miguel will offer you a chance to turn your own little bowl or cup, Juanjo recycles all sorts of materials and makes original jewelry from spoons or forks and Daniela paints beautifully on Spanish roof tiles.

Susana is an experienced book binder, Beate brings her Iberian loom to show you one of the oldest weaving techniques of Spain and Toni will be making turrón a la piedra – the traditional regional nougat made of READ MORE