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UP NOW Costa Blanca Launches…

Welcome to UP NOW Costa Blanca!

We are connecting International Communities with Businesses and Attractions in a unique way through our local TV channel and Web TV. We are dedicated to helping your business connect with International Communities. Both those living on the Costa Blanca and those visiting here.

We create documentary style films that uniquely present your business to the International audiences.
Why documentary style films?
It’s because they are perceived by the viewers as genuine content films. Just like a TV documentary is.
Traditional promotional videos, on the other hand, are seen as a commercial.
People like watching films, but they don’t like watching commercials.

You might have known us before as TVA10 – a local TV channel focusing on the Scandinavian viewers in the Marina Baixa area.
Now, we have expanded and re branded.

We are a TV channel broadcasting in both Marina Baixa and Marina Alta.
We are also a Web TV channel with a very strong online presence.
This will enable you to reach as many prospects interested in your business as possible.

Welcome to our brand new website, visit different sections to find out how to connect with the International Communities here on the Costa Blanca!

Do you know anyone else that can benefit from connecting their business with the international communities?
Forward this message to them. They will thank you for it.

Thank you for visiting!

Natalia & Torben
The Founders